Glory or Death

the beginning from the ashes


from the worlds we lived and traveled in, Oerth, Toril, Krynn, and Harn, one thing was constant, the 3 pillars of creation. However evil powers of chaos had finally won there war and succeeded in destroying the multiverse. the greater powers of the verse banded together and sent there creations to another multiverse by powerful spells that drained the powers of there life force. The greater powers and lesser powers known as gods by mortals couldn’t follow there worshipers. and so many different races and creatures were sent to the new multiverse and by chance three planets were seeded.

The planet our campaign resides on is called Yarth. this is a new planet and currently has no native intelligent species until the migrations occur.

the migrations started five thousand years ago with the first creatures arriving being dragons and fairy type creatures. three thousand years ago the demi-humans arrived. Humans have only been present for a mere century, but many powerful heroes had arrived to rebuild human society and protect from the monster races.

new powers were born some using the names of the previous powers. spells and faerie powers didnt work the same as before.



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